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Monday, January 08, 2007

Here come the Bloggies

Last year, after winning IndiBlog of the Year at the Indibloggies, India Uncut became the only Indian nominee in the 2006 Bloggies, being nominated in the Best Asian Weblog category. All thanks to your kindness! Well, the 2007 Bloggies have begun, and if you wish to vote for this blog, or any other, go on over. Voting is open until Wednesday morning.

(Link via email from reader Sujata, who informs me that she voted for me in four categories: Asian, Humour, Best writing and the overall one. I am humbled and embarrassed, for I am surely not worthy. Had there been a category for "Best Weblog about Cows," though, I suspect I would have been hard to beat. No?)

Update: If you do intend to nominate this blog, please use the url It redirects here at the moment, of course, but I prefer it to the Blogspot URL. Thank you!
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