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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who will punish the Bajrang Dal?


What is the context? you ask. Well, here's how the Hindu puts it:
A bunch of [Bajrang] Dal volunteers, many of them young women collegians, armed with sticks and lathis, forced their entry into several colleges in the city [Ahmedabad] and beat up youths allegedly "flirting" with young girl students.

They also went around several public parks and other entertainment zones and beat up "young couples" sitting in corners.

Leading the group was the Dal city unit convenor, Babu Bajrangi himself, and as he claimed, the main target was the Muslim youths "whose only job is to trap Hindu girls into marrying them and change their religion."
This is crazy, loonies like these should be the subject of mockery by the people around them, and actions like this should be firmly punished. But they live in the state where Narendra Modi won the state elections handily after the riots of 2002. And as that would indicate, sentiments like the one expressed by this Babu Bajrangi fellow would find a lot of support. Thus my pessimism.

(Link via email from Ali.)
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