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Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Zune is bigger than your Zune

That's what bad boys say in France. Read this:
When Microsoft announced that it would be taking on the iPod with something called Zune, did its branding team realise that the word translated into French slang for genitalia and a Hebrew term meaning getting laid?
That article, by David Rowan, is on the difficulty people in having in naming new products, and the kind of silly names they often come up with. In my experience, it's even tougher if you need to have a presence on the internet, because you have to then not just find a good name, but make sure that you get that domain name on the internet.

Naming this blog was a massive headache. I wanted a name which would be available both with a .com extension, as well as on Blogspot. I hurried through some 50 names, and India Uncut was well down the list. I am glad I chose it though: it is vastly preferable to one of the other then-available options, Wag the Tree, which I chose during a trial run a couple of months before India Uncut began.

I've even forgotten what that was supposed to mean!

(Link via email from Arjun Narayan.)
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