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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Let me breaaaaaaathe!

For someone like me, the internet is oxygen. I can do little work without it, and begin to feel restless and panicky if I am without access for too long. The last two days, therefore, have been rather difficult. I had loads of work to do, quite apart from blogging, and my Tata Indicom broadband connection, otherwise reliable, gave up on me. My Hutch GPRS was painfully slow, and most of today was spent in furious panic, juggling between trying to find a responsive engineer and finishing the work I had on a connection that took 25 minutes to open an error 404 page.

Well, the rest of the work is done, but I realise that this is my first post of the day, and many loyal readers have no doubt slashed their wrists or defenestrated themselves or other such entirely understandable things. Worry not. I am back to blogging, even though it's still on that stupid GPRS thing, and I shall not let you down.

On the other hand, I have 20 minutes before I leave to attend a dear friend's wedding reception. (Remember the date today?) I shall try the best I can, but my lungs are giving out...
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