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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Make peace, not war

CNN-IBN reports that the Indian soldiers who are part of the UN's peacekeeping troops in Lebanon have been ordered to " abstain from sex during the course of their stay." A gentleman named Colonel Aditya Madan has been quoted as saying:
Condoms are a secondary part. That need comes into picture in case an army person indulges in sex. But I'm so confident that there's no need for any precaution because the boys are going to abstain from sex anyways.
I wonder what Colonel Madan's confidence stems from. Perhaps there are special nanocomputers inserted into the organs of these Indian soldiers. And every time the organ in question approaches another kind of, um, organ, they get an electric shock. I can imagine an apologetic soldier telling his Lebanese paramour:
I'm sorry dear, you're electric. But, er, so am I.
I'm a huge fan of keeping the peace.

(Link via email from Sanjeev.)
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