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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Yngwie Malmsteen of typing

Three times in my life I have decided that I'm going to learn how to play the guitar, surely the only barrier between me and a place in the Billboard Top 100 charts. Each time I've bought a damned guitar, learnt chords for one week, and then got bored and moved on. Immense lack of commitment.

And my heart always burns when I see guitarists shredding it up, as I stare at their fingers doing their thing, contemplating how, but for the lassitude I have surely inherited from the Bengali part of my genes, I too could have played like that. All the groupies would then have lined up outside my limo, and I would have dismissively waved them away, saying: "I must blog now."

So why do I tell you this now? Well, it's because a few moments ago I observed my fingers typing something and I realised, darn, I'm fast! I'm a two-finger typist -- I use the index finger of each hand -- and yet, I'm pretty much as quick as regular typists. And boy, looking down, I just realised why: I'm the Yngwie Malmsteen of typing!

So if I'd spent the tens of thousands of hours I've spent typing on practising the guitar, I could have had those groupies outside my limo. But I wouldn't have had a blog. What excuse to give then?
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