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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blame it on Momma, Poppa and the times-a

Jai Arjun Singh writes in, regarding this post:
Wasn't there a theory that many urban Indians (especially Delhi-based ones) born in 1976/1977 are warped and dysfunctional for life because their parents were having "nervous sex" when they were conceived - it being the time of the Emergency. I seek a lot of solace in this theory, otherwise I would have myself to blame for all that's wrong.
Coming to think of it, I don't know any normal people born in 1976/77.

To be entirely honest, though, I don't know that many normal people to begin with. Can we all blame it on our parents, you think?

"Oh, I'm a kleptomaniac because my parents conceived me in the socialist years!"

Stuff like that.

Update: Confused writes in:
What is this crap about people born in 1976-77? Espcially about those born in 77, see how our arrival ended emergency, for fugs sake, give us some credit, will ya?
Ya, right. Like Indira Gandhi took one look at the millions of nervous little babies emerging into the world and said, "Enough, no emergency can be greater than this, let's call elections."
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