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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Religion and the monkey

In a piece with the remarkable headline, "'Hindu' monkey bites Muslim," CNN-IBN reports:
This is a story of a simian who has been caged in Orissa for the last five years for, believe it or not, disturbing communal harmony.

The seven year-old monkey called Ramu is serving life imprisonment at Remuna police station in Balasore district.

Raised by a Hindu family, he bit some Muslim children five years ago, sparking communal tension in the area.
Imagine a planet where only monkeys live, and get regular news of the monkeys on the earth through a newspaper called Monkey Times. What must those monkeys think when they get the news of this earth monkey being imprisoned for "sparking communal tension"?

"Daddy, daddy," Baby Monkey could say, "what's wrong with these humans?"

Daddy Monkey would look at him wisely and say, "Religion, my child, it's called religion. It affects the brain."

"Don't be simplistic," Mommy Monkey would say. "We don't know if religion is the sympton or the disease. Eat your bananas now, there are monkeys starving out on earth."

(Link via email from Rk.)
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