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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Public or Pubic?

Many years ago, in one of my early jobs, the public-relations department consisted of two snooty ladies everyone else hated. One fine day, we noticed that the desktop computer the two of them shared had a new screensaver they had put -- a scroll that said, "We are proud to be the Pubic Relations Department."

I won't comment on how apt that was, as I don't do my bitching on my blog, but a link MadMan emails me reminds me of that mistake. And this one is a bit more costly. AP reports:
Ottawa County will pay about $40,000 to correct an embarrassing typo on its Nov. 7 election ballot: The "L" was left out of "public."
There's a useful excuse in there for Georgie Bush Jr, I suspect. He can just call Rummy into his office and say:

"Eye-Rack? You've attacked Eye-Rack? I didn't say attack Eye-Rack, that would be a big mistake, I said Eye-Ran, Eye-Ran. Didn't you get the memo?"

Update: Delhi Pubic School?
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