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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Nokia E70 (and pleasuring myself)

I'm sure you remember that I lost my mobile phone a few weeks ago and asked my readers for advice on which phone I should buy. Well, thanks a lot to the many readers who wrote in -- too many to name individually -- and here's what I eventually bought: the Nokia E70.

The camera isn't as good as some other 2MP cameras, but otherwise it's a lovely phone. I've gotten used to using the QWERTY keypad, and my Gmail works beautifully on it. I also use Bloglines more via mobile on the move than on my laptop at work, and have saved a number of pdfs and Word docs on it for interesting reading while I travel. And it's a nifty little music player -- I've bought a 1GB mini SD card, and shoved over 200 songs on it. More cards will follow, but 200 songs is generally enough to cater to my mood of the moment, and the sound is fantastic, as good as any regular music player. All in all, a good buy. (And a goodbye to my last, immensely basic model.)

It's fairly expensive, and you can guess how much care I take to make sure that I don't lose it like I did the last one. Indeed, autodrivers give me strange looks when I get off at my destination, for they see me patting my pocket so furiously that I might well be pleasuring myself. "You enjoyed the ride, eh," they ask. "You might as well pay me midnight fare then."
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