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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Like death and taxes

Well, as promised I did go out for a frappe, but decided instead to shift venue and have a hot cappucino. Why so? Because my throat was itchy and my nostrils felt uneasy, and I felt a cold coming on. Something hot was needed.

Now, the tragedy is that every time I sense a cold coming on, a cold duly comes on. There's hardly any way of preventing that. Sometimes I wish bodies were a bit more like computers, so if some function started to suffer, you could just reboot or reformat. Now, sadly, all I can do is wait for the inevitable.

With my luck, I'll have a headache like death during tomorrow's quiz. "Stop throbbing and let me think," I'll beg my head. "Thomp thomp thomp," it'll go. "Thompity thomp. Thompity thump. Grump."
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