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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

From 1999 to 2006

Annie Proulx writes in the New York Times:
I rarely use the Internet for research, as I find the process cumbersome and detestable. The information gained is often untrustworthy and couched in execrable prose. It is unpleasant to sit in front of a twitching screen suffering assault by virus, power outage, sluggish searches, system crashes, the lack of direct human discourse, all in an atmosphere of scam and hustle.
Proulx's essay was written in 1999, and I hope you'll agree with me that what she writes accurately describes that time, but things have changed drastically since then. No?

Me, I love the internet. You wouldn't be reading me without it, and I wouldn't have found Proulx's essay without it. Her essay, by the by, is one of a series called Writers on Writing, which is available both at the NY Times website (free registration required) and in book form. There's some fascinating stuff there, dip in.
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