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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Even snakes want Gandhigiri

A few days ago, a five-foot male snake was found in Sanjay Dutt's terrace garden, on the 11th floor of a building. And now, a female snake has been found there. Raju Kohli, the snake-catcher who caught both snakes, has been quoted by Mid Day as saying:
The first snake that I captured was male. So it is obvious that the nagin had come in search of the male. I don’t expect another snake making its way up to the apartment now.
This is India, dude, is all I can say. Now the parents of the nagin will land up in Sanju Baba's balcony looking for their errant daughter. And then the parents of the nag will land up and have a pow wow with the nagin's parents.

"Your daughter is a filthy, slithering whore who has lured our son away," nag's daddy will say.

"Your son is a snake, I mean human, who has corrupted our sweet innocent baby," nagin's mommy will say. "We will register a case of kidnapping."

Just then Sanju Baba will venture out for some fresh air, and find four big snakes in a mighty bad mood. And when he turns around, he'll see...
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