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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bloggers, Pran and Milind Soman

Sakshi Juneja held a blog meet cum Halloween party at her place in Juhu last evening, where many bloggers were met. It was less of a blog meet and more of a T-shirt creation fest. Some lines we came up for T-Shirts:

"Pran is my landlord."

(This from Manish Vij, whose landlord is Pran. This will also be the title of his first book, having narrowly beaten out "I saw Rishi Kapoor at the gym.")

"Where is Vulturo?"

(This from Ideasmith to young Saket, half an hour into a conversation with him, not having realised that Saket is Vulturo.)

"Milind Soman kissed me."

(This from one of the young ladies present. Further details are not for the family audiences my blog caters to. [Namaste auntyji.])

"The Shiju Thomas Fan Club."

(This because a former room-mate, a former work-mate, and a former quiz-mate (moi) of Shiju Thomas were present at the party, and one of them has held hands with Shiju at a concert, and it isn't me or the girl.)

"Salman Khan is my driver."

(This because our gracious hostess is a Salman Khan fan, and much time was spent speaking about Salman Khan. "Even I go to Gold's Gym, yaar," pouted Manish. Er, ok, he didn't.)

And so on -- I have a sneaky feeling I've forgotten the best ones. Anyway, a line-up: Sakshi, Ideasmith, Divya, Melody, Akshay, Manish, Peter, Saket, Gaurav, Anand, moi and the partner. A vast variety of things were discussed, most of which cannot be revealed. Some of the less harmful topics: the cleavage-to-gyan ratio of Mandira Bedi; the life and times of Viveik Oberoi; traffic jams in Bombay (everyone was late); the thieves who broke into Sakshi's house thinking Govinda lives there (he lives down the road); and Maxthon, on which Manish gave me a superb tip: right-click on a tab, click on "assign alias," and assign a shortcut for whichever site it is. So now I just type in "i" in the URL field and enter to reach India Uncut.

On that useful note, I shall point you to Manish's pics and Melody's report. More shall be added to this. For now, after the frivolity of last evening, the frivolity of today morning awaits: I'm off to a quiz.

Update: I won the quiz, with Rishi, so clearly this is my best weekend ever this month. The question we enjoyed cracking most involved Conan the Barbarian, Arkham Asylum and Metallica, all connected by HP Lovecraft. Brutal joy imploded, and a more detailed report will follow someday.

Update 2 (October 30): More reports of the blog meet from Sakshi, Divya, Ideasmith, Gaurav, Saket and Peter. And Amit Agarwal had a Digital Inspiration Coffee Party in Delhi on the same day -- if only I could have been there as well!
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