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Monday, September 04, 2006

Madonna, Guy Ritchie and the monthly meal

ANI reports that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are working on their marriage. The report says:
The film director has promised his superstar wife, who recently turned 48, that he will cut down the amount of time he spends on his Playstation games console, and that he will limit his trips to the pub.

In return, Madonna has promised to cook for her husband once a month and never to spend more than 10 days apart from him and their children...
Immensely romantic, but just think of the pressure on the poor bugger when he sits down to eat that monthly meal. Even if it's got too much salt or a lizard fell in it, he'll have to pretend to love it. "A man can tell a thousand lies," he'll no doubt think, "I've learned my lesson well."
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