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Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't plant your bad days

Don’t plant your bad days
They grow into weeks
The weeks grow into months
Before you know it, you got yourself a bad year
Take it from me
Choke those little bad days
Choke ‘em down to nothing
Tom Waits rocks. Watch this clip below, where he goes through the routine I've quoted above before a superb performance of "Cold, Cold Ground."

So why am I looking at Tom Waits videos today? Well, I came across a post by eM about her favourite break-up songs (I love five of the six artists she's named, all bar No. 3, who I haven't heard) and that got me to thinking about my favourite break-up songs. That brought me to Waits, the artist who most fits into my melancholic moods, and this song:
Down by the riverside motel,
Its 10 below and falling
By a 99 cent store she closed her eyes
And started swaying
But its so hard to dance that way
When its cold and theres no music
Well your old hometown is so far away
But, inside your head theres a record
Thats playing, a song called
Hold on, hold on...
So, um, watch:

I'd written about Waits in a previous post here, and here are some more gems by him on You Tube: I don't want to grow up, Time, I'm Still Here, Innocent When You Dream. And here's a Tori Amos performance of Time.

And what about that list. Um, some other time.
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