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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blogger goes to massage parlour for nude photoshoot

And what's more, Jai Arjun Singh tells us:
Gyms are populated by beefy, thick-skinned but strangely charming young trainers who resemble the Deol boys in muscle structure as well as in their shy smiles... I’ve never been so unqualifiedly happy at a book launch or discussion. What could this mean?
Sadly, Jai hasn't yet put those pictures of his online, but my heart tells me that HT Tabloid will surely get hold of them.

On that note, check out this HT Tabloid story titled "What makes Preity get goose bumps!", which carries the line:
While Karan Johar is quite superstitions about number 8, Priety Zinta gets goose bumps when black cat crosses her way and Rani Mukherjee frequently says 'touch wood'.
Well, if Rani came across Jai's pics, it wouldn't be wood she'd be wanting to touch, that's for sure!

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