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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Crystalline and Indigo kids?

Sonu Nigam is quoted as saying in the Indian Express:
I have been reading a lot of late, and according to the great spiritual healers the post-1980s generation will be the harbingers of Satyug. This is a cool, chilled-out and open generation that is not stuck-up. Within them however there are two kinds - the Crystalline, who are the emotional lot who will bring in this change through persuasion, and the Indigos, who will achieve it with rebellion.
What has he been reading (or smoking), I wondered after reading that para. A little Googling revealed that Crystalline children "are able to communicate telepathically, and are speaking to others in other dimensions as a normal event in the course of their play," while Indigo kids are supposed to have abilities that "are said to include purging HIV, advanced genius and psychic/telekinetic powers."

What a load of bull.

I'm certain Nigam will not be able to point to a single example of either of these two types of kids from his personal experience, but he's hardly the only Mumbai celeb who sees things in the world that aren't really there. Shobha De was on We the People yesterday, and the topic of discussion was marital infidelity. At one point De said something to the effect of infidelity being a "non-issue" for Indians in their 20s, and that all they cared about was "quality of life."

This is, again, an astonishing statement, based, no doubt, on a view of the world as she would like to see it (so that it fits some pet theory of hers, probably), and not as it is. Demanding fidelity from our partners is hardwired into human nature, and I recommend that De hop over to the nearest Barista and chat about this with some twenty-somethings.

Let me end this post by saying that that despite Nigam's fascination for New Age crud, he's an excellent singer. Can't say the same for De.

Update: Ken Falco writes in to point me to Jenny McCarthy's site, Indigo Moms. In an article there, McCarthy writes:
I was doing my usual research on environmental toxicities and found myself so obsessed with it that I once again lost sight of everything else. I learned about chemicals that are used in pajamas, such as flame retardants, and the toxic levels our children inhale throughout the night. I immediately got rid of anything that was flame retardant, including his mattress. This was followed by installing organic carpeting in his bedroom, and placing air filters in every room. Someone then told me I needed to change the paint in his bedroom to nontoxic paint. So I was at the store five minutes later buying paint that was edible, and then stayed up half the night painting the bedroom walls. I changed the pool water to Ozone, and even had a chakra balancing done on my house. What finally pushed me completely over was when I found out about electromagnetic toxicity.
Poor kid. I bet he's not allowed to drink Coke or Pepsi either.
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