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Thursday, August 10, 2006

21 penguins rescued

The Octopus was also ok.

In a separate incident, five humans died trying to save a pigeon.

Don't you get it, I'm tired of blogging about people. People, people, people, all the time. People are so boring. People are all the same. People think they're important, and worth blogging about. People want to rule the world. People can't control their libido. People think they're invincible. People are getting older and, therefore, closer to death. People will die one day, all of them. Yes, animals will die too, but at least they're not pretentious, self-delusionary farts.

On the other hand, People read this blog. In fact, you might be part of People yourself. And you're wondering, Jeez, what's that jerk ranting about now? (That's a rhetorical question, or I'd answer it and say: People.) Ranting, panting, and that brings me to the question: why are wanting and wanking pronounced so differently? Why?

Update: Distressingly, animals can behave like People sometimes. Check out this obsessive compulsive kitty flushing a toilet repeatedly.

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