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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Muzzling the media

The Times of India reports that the government, "[i]n an attempt to muzzle the broadcast media," has drafted a bill that gives it all sorts of draconian powers against television channels. Read more about it here.

Among various restrictions on TV channels, one struck me as particularly bizarre. The bill, the report says, "seeks to prevent a broadcast network service provider from having 15% of the country's total viewership."

So are they going to start redistributing eyeballs now?

As India changes, and the fruits of freedom become available to more and more people, there is inevitably going to be a backlash from the old order, who find their world, and their power and importance, threatened. But can this backlash, which encompasses the moral and cultural police, as well as an oppressive government, actually take us backwards? There are times when my fear starts overwhelming my hope.
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