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Friday, July 28, 2006

"The bindaas babes of Bollywood"

My injured toe winces as I read this out to ease its pain:
Here come the ‘bindaas’ babes of Bollywood who dare to bare without a care. And don’t expect too much restrain when they are on their byte song. Just the things that make them so ‘Bindaas’ (in trademark Mumbai street lingo).
Byte song? Yes, yes, I know it's about them pics, and I shouldn't keep looking at the text (I was a big fan of Playboy's short stories, by the way), but these are levels of badness in writing that need immense practice, and I'm actually filled with admiration.

In another slideshow, we are told about women who are "[n]ever minding their lajja even once," and we are also informed that Amisha Patel is a bosom. At that point, my toe says, "Why couldn't she have been a toe? You never take us to meet any nice toes."

"That's not true," I point out. "And in any case, you're injured. Rest now."

And somewhere a little toe squeaks, "Pixies!"

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