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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Accessing Blogspot blogs

Various bloggers (1, 2, 3) have written in saying that they're having trouble accessing Blogspot blogs, such as mine, and there are worries that the government might have instructed ISPs to block them. I'm getting Blogspot blogs ok (on a Tata Indicom ISP), but if you have problems doing so, now or ever, hop over to this site:

This was set up earlier this year when there was a similar scare in Pakistan about Blogspot blogs being allegedly banned. It should help you get round the lack of access, regardless of its cause. I hope there's an innocent explanation for this, some technology failure somewhere. I find it hard to fathom that the government could start blocking blogs. (It is entirely possible, though, that they might have wanted to block a hate blog on Blogspot and, in their ignorance, sent instructions that caused the entire domain to be blocked. But why speculate?)

Hey, I hope you're getting to read this!

Update: Neha Viswanathan is tracking this issue and is posting updates. She'd also like as many readers as possible to do a traceroute, so as to identify the source of the block. She emails me instructions on how to do this:
1) Go to Start
2) Click on Run
3) Type in: tracert
4) You should see something like:
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
5) Right click in the window, select all, and paste it in here as a comment.. then we could figure out where exactly the block is taking place at.
Amit Agarwal writes in the comments of Neha's post that "it doesn’t look like the Ministry is involved as in that case, BSNL would have been the first company to block" That's a good point, and I hope this turns out to be a false alarm.

Update 2 (July 16): Reader Aparna writes in:
If you want people to be able to "select all" and copy the instructions should be:

1) Go to Start
2) Click on Run
3) Type in: cmd
4) Type in: tracert
5) etc.

Since if you type the command in directly, the window closes as soon as the command is executed. The cmd command allows the window to remain open for the next command, hence allowing you to copy.
So there you have it.

Update 3 (July 17): Amit Agarwal has posted some useful tips here on how to get around the block. And some of us have also set up a wiki here, to monitor information on the subject.

Update 4 (July 17): There's an updated post here. To my dismay, this doesn't seem to be a false alarm.
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