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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mahajan dog catches a cold

Sorry, I made that headline up, the Mahajans may not even have a dog. But boy, I am so sick of news stories on Rahul Mahajan's ailment/arrest/denial/whatever. Mahajan's overdose was justifiably headline news when it broke, with the possibility that it was an attempt at poisoning, the implications of which were certainly newsworthy. But now we know it was just a doping session gone wrong, and I can't see why it continues to get saturation coverage. It's clearly just a case of some rich kids getting up to no good, and as their acts didn't affect anyone else, I don't see why the media keeps hounding them. The chap's political career is screwed anyway, let him be.

At some point in time I shall also write about how our drug laws are somewhat goofy, and why Bibek Moitra might still have been alive if the laws were framed more sensibly. (It must be noted here that whenever I promise to write on something later, the moment passes, and I never end up doing so. Still, there is just no time now for an essay. Words swim -- a common phenomenon with me today, you would no doubt have noted.)
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