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Monday, April 03, 2006

The lessons not to learn

As America struggles with immigration, Fareed Zakaria, an immigrant himself, says that it should not go Europe's way. He writes in Newsweek:
Across Europe one sees disaffected, alienated immigrants, ripe for radicalism. The immigrant communities deserve their fair share of blame for this, but there's a cycle at work. European societies exclude the immigrants, who become alienated and reject their societies.
France is an excellent example of how Europe is creating parallel societies by treating immigrants the way it does. For more, do read these three fine essays by Theodore Dalrymple: "The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris," "How PC Boosts Le Pen," and "The Dumbest Immigration Policy."

Update: Rajesh Advani writes in to point me to a post by Girish Rajamani about his personal experience with racism in Germany.
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