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Friday, March 31, 2006

Some hope for freedom

If two consenting adults engage in a relationship that harms no one else, does anyone have a right to stop them? Clearly not, I hope you'll agree: even if they are of the same sex. I am delighted by the decision of a court in Halol, thus, to allow a lesbian couple to live together after they had earlier been forcibly separated. It's an important precedent, though I am slightly disturbed by this line of the report:
Police officers said they could not even invoke Section 377 of IPC which punishes “intercourse against the order of nature” as it required penetration.
That section of the law really ought to be thrown out. I have no issues against penetration as long as it's voluntary, and "the order of nature," which is the construct of men, can just go where the sun don't shine. Voluntarily, of course.
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