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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Legal notice

This is quite the best mail I've ever received from a reader, one that is actually far more fun than the post it refers to, so I reproduce it in full:
This is with reference to your blog post here, "The value of an MBA."

See, I'm trying to get into a decent B-school to do an MBA (or equivalent), and by linking to an article that seeks to undermine the value of this degree, you have caused untold anguish, by confusing prospective Masters of Biz Admin, and casting doubts in their minds.

This is, of course, resolved by said prospective students simply making up their minds.

But this will not do.

By implying that M for Mandbuddhi, B for Buddhu, and A for Aede, your blog post is totally insensitive towards all three categories of people: those contemplating doing such a course, those in the course of doing the course, and those who have run their course.

I demand immediate removal of aforesaid post, a 'sticky' apology tagged to every future blog post for at least the next three months, and Rs. 46 crore in damages. If you fail to implement these measures, I'm afraid I will have no choice but to slap you with civil and criminal cases.

Greedily yours,

Shrikant N.
Such delight. Shrikant blogs here and here, by and by.
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