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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Guns, guns, guns

One of the fundamental rules of human bevaviour that governments don’t get: if you ban something, you don’t end it, you just drive it underground. If there is demand, supply will come. Booze is freely available all across Pakistan, and drugs much more so than anywhere I’ve seen. And in Peshawar and outside, along the roads that lead to the Khyber Pass and on it, guns are openly available, from Kalashnikovs to German automatics. My friends and I, from peacable India, gawked at these glimpses of frontier life, tip toed into one such shop, and checked out said weapons. I caressed nozzles, teased triggers, cradled butts. I almost came – thank god the guns didn’t.

Here are some pics, including one of me (with spectacles) and the infamous Faisal Shariff, trying our best to look macho but failing miserably despite the guns. The girls prefer sensitive men, I’m told, so maybe we’ll try for that slot.

(Pic of me and Faisal by Ramesh Athani.)

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