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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Daewoo, Faisalabad

Much has been done in Lahore over the last few days, and I've constantly been faced with the choice of either collecting material for pieces/posts or writing them. With the limited time I've had, I've chosen to just soak up the experiences, and leave the writing for later. In fact, to be precise, for Faisalabad. This is supposed to be a rather dull town, and while other journos gather in the evenings to smoke and drink (water, of course, in case authorities are reading), I shall sit in my room, alone like a hermit, and write and post.

So there'll be stuff on qawwali afternoons and Sufi nights and dope and backpackers and whirling dervishes in the most happening city in South Asia, Lahore. Pictures as well, many of which I spent hours yesterday selecting and resizing. I shall begin posting all that soon, but for now, as an interim measure, here are some pictures from yesterday. Do note that if you're booking your ticket by phone, you should spell your name out. Else...

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