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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sonia's test

Some welcome words from Sonia Gandhi on the Volcker Committee report:
If the inquiry finds anyone who has indulged in these practices, I will certainly not protect them. I will not be on their side. This is a very serious issue. I must confess it has hurt me and made me extremely angry.

If these (Volcker Committee’s report) documents are authentic, and if it is found somebody has misused the party name for personal gain, we will wait for the result of the inquiry and take action. I have said from the beginning that we can no longer look the other way when something like this takes place.
Hmm. Later in the Indian Express article she is quoted as expressing her disappointment at politicians being viewed as "corrupt and manipulative." She says:
It’s a sad perception. But it is important to correct this impression. There is only one way to do that, and that is immediate and credible action. Only then are people bound to change their opinion about political parties. I am one hundred per cent certain we will get to the bottom of the matter.
Excellent stuff. She has talked the talk. Now let us see if she can walk it.
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