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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Histories, Openness and Records Unit

The London Times reports:
A quarter of a century has elapsed since Yes, Minister was first broadcast, but the spirit of Sir Humphrey Appleby is still alive and kicking in the corridors of power.

The Times has learnt that, in a piece of pure Sir Humphrey logic, Whitehall has blocked a freedom of information request about the workings of the Freedom of Information Act because the information that might be freed is far too secret for public consumption.

Denying the request, a mandarin wrote: “Releasing information which would allow analysis of policy decisions affecting the operation of the (FoI) Act would of itself be detrimental to the Act’s operation because it may reveal sensitivities.”
And the name of the department where this "mandarin" works? See headline.

(Link via email from Arun Simha.)
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