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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Haters of Cows

Vikram Arumilli writes in:
Amit, I don't understand your love of cows. They cause smog. They step on geese. They fall on farmers. They're running wild in Bhopal. Madness, I say. [Links in original.]
And to add to that Roshan Revankar writes in saying: "Cows cause air pollution."

Sigh. Weep. Wail with anguish. What is happening to the blogosphere that such respected bloggers take up such an unworthy cause? Are they in the pay of goats? Do they not know that "cow is their mother"? And, most pertinently, have they never experienced bovine bliss?

But they will be fought, and beaten, and even eaten by cows in snazzy dinner jackets saying to each other, "Hey, this steak is too well done. Must be an Arumilli." Watch this space.

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