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Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Dog and the Blog

[One day a Dog and a Blog meet on the road.]

Dog: Hey, you look interesting, I'm like, woof! All words and all, erudite and all. What are you?

Blog: I'm a Blog, dude. You look nice too. Hey, cool tail. What are you?

Dog: I'm a Dog. I'm Man's Best Friend. Woof!

Blog: Hey, wait a minute, not possible, I'm Man's Best Friend.

Dog: He he, woof! I'm Man's Best Friend, and I can prove it. I've been referred to that way for centuries now. So there.

Blog: I rather doubt it. I don't remember linking to any such thing. And what I don't link to, doesn't exist. So there.

Dog: Growl! Listen, don't mess with me, I'm Man's Best Friend, and I'll bite you if you disagree.

Blog: Rubbish. Concede right away that I'm Man's Best Friend, or I'll post about you, with your kennel address, and you'll get flamed.

Dog: Woof!

Blog: Link!

[Suddenly, footsteps are heard. Man appears, a gorgeous blonde on his arm.]

Dog and Blog: Hello, man. How are you today? Please please tell us who's your best friend. In other words, 'Man's Best Friend'.

Dog: Yeah, say it's me, woof!

Blog: Me, me, me! Link to me!

Man: Heh. You guys, I tell ya. You want to know who's Man's Best Friend? Meet Blonde.

Blonde: Hi guys. Such a sweet Dog! Such a clever Blog! Come to mommy.

[Dog and Blog rush into her capacious arms and cuddle up close to her ample bosom. Man smiles.]
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