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Friday, August 05, 2005

Contaminated water

This is cross-posted on Cloudburst Mumbai, where comments are open.

Mid Day reports (I am reproducing the article in full because it's important):
A test conducted on 84 water samples from different parts of the city on July 29 at the BMC laboratory at Dadar (W) revealed that 58 samples in the lot was unfit for human consumption. [Sic.] Some samples were found to be contaminated by dangerous Ecoli bacteria.

Said hydraulic engineer T V Shah, “Underground water tanks get contaminated during the rains when dirty water enters the tanks during flooding. The tanks should be chlorinated thoroughly.”

Adds a source within the BMC, “At some places sewage water was found to have leaked into drinking water tanks, making the water absolutely unfit for drinking.”
Well, here's a question for the readers: would you know what one can do (besides buying mineral water, which not all of us can afford) to make sure that the water we drink is safe? Will boiling it suffice? Will filtering it through Aquaguard be sufficient? What about Zero B?

If you have an answer to that, please leave it in the comments of this post. Any links you could provide would be useful as well.
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