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Monday, May 02, 2005

Easy to kill, hard to die

Chandrahas Choudhury, my co-blogger at The Middle Stage, writes in to ask, "Where else but in the august and well-intentioned Telegraph of Kolkata would you find a news piece opening like this?" The para in question:
That love is a deadly passion, a matter of life and death, was
demonstrated once again early this morning when Rahul Dev Pandey(20) shot dead Beena Kumari, who was getting married to Awadhesh.

Read the full piece here. Young Rahul, it must be noted, claims he wasn't committing an act of murder but the first part of a suicide pact. The second part, where he had to kill himself, failed. The article eleborates:
... Rahul barged into the mandap with a country-made pistol and shot the bride [young Beena] from a point blank range. Shot in the forehead, she died instantly. Before shocked guests could react, he shot at himself but missed the target. He then clambered to the terrace and tried to cling to a high-voltage live-wire. When even that attempt failed, he flung himself into a well.

How could anyone aim at himself and miss? He must be very thin.
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