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Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm new. And I'm sporty.

I'm glad to announce that India Uncut has won the award for Best New Indiblog at the Indibloggies 2004, and my cricket blog, 23 Yards, has been named Best Sports Indiblog. If you voted for me, thank you, and do check out the other nominees, in all the categories. Blogosphere readers are the real winners of exercises like this, because we can discover so many delightful blogs that we hadn't heard of before, as I certainly did.

The awards were beset by controversy, which was a bit unfortunate because Debashish, the organiser, did the best he could under the circumstances. When you're running a gig like this without any money, you're always going to face limitations along the way. Next year, instead of cribbing, we should help him out with suggestions regarding the nominations process and the voting mechanism.

Congratulations to all the other winners, and a hearty pat on the back to fellow cartel winners, Madman and Ravikiran.
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