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Thursday, December 21, 2006

What happens to your passwords when you die?

Fear not, Death Switch is there.

It's quite practical and all, but I predict that this site will not thrive. Humans are programmed by evolution to put off thinking about death, and while we know, in a rational sense, that death is inevitable, we never quite accept it at an emotional level. To avail of the service that Death Switch offers, we have to come to terms with the one fact we try never to think about: we will die. That isn't easy -- or even practical.

Indeed, in my view, the monstrous difficulty of facing up to our own mortality is the biggest reason for the existence of religion. But that's another topic entirely.

(Link via email from MadMan.)

Update (December 22): KM writes in:
Just today, I was reading an essay by J Krishnamurti, in which he talks about this rather idiotic notion of reincarnation, afterlife, soul and stuff, all of which have been exist solely to prevent us from looking directly at Death.
Meanwhile, Anand Krishnamoorthi, Arjun Swaroop and reader Raghav Khosla write in separately to ask if I've heard of life insurance.

I wish there was insurance for bloggers writing posts in a hurry from airports and making the right point with the wrong example. (Or vice versa.) Pah.
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