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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beer and pizzas are good for you

If you want to avoid prostate cancer, that is.

The problem is that it only works if you drink 17 beers a day and have tomato sauce on your pizza, one of which is an excess that is hard on both the wallet and the belly, and the other, well, I don't like tomato sauce.

I'm waiting eagerly for research that shows that laziness is good for you. You know, something to the effect of this:
Researchers at the University of Blahblah have discovered that laziness is good for human beings, and helps prevent many diseases. Dr Feelgood Chatterjee, the chief researcher who delivered his research 18 years behind schedule, said, "accompanied by ample sleep, laziness helps prevent a variety of fatal and non-fatal diseases, including acne."

Dr Chatterjee's research, which involved studying two groups of people over 21 years, found that the one that consisted of lazy people was largely [pun intended] healthier than the one that worked hard. Evolutionary psychologists have theorised that a lazy man in a primitive environment had an evolutionary advantage, because he was less likely to rush out into a dangerous battle with a sabre-toothed whatever.

However, when it came to procreation, lazy men were just as active as non-lazy men.
Yes, that sounds about right to me. If I ever have a doggie, I'll name it Lassitude.

(Link via email from Dush Ramachandran.)
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