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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hey, I hang out there!

The next time you have a capuccino at a friendly neighbourhood cafe, don't look too inviting. DNA reports that how outdoor seating at the Barista and Cafe Coffee Day at Oshiwara has been banned because "these places were being used by pimps to solicit clients."

Odd. Those outlets are fairly close to my office, and used to be as close to my residence, and I go there often. Rakshanda Khan says in a follow-up story that she has "never come across anything seedy at the coffee shops in Oshiwara," and I second her impressions. Also, if the police hasn't actually apprehended a single pimp from the premises, does it really have a right to make these allegations, which by virtue of the lack of an arrest are unsubstantiated?

And let's not even go into whether the activity allegedly being indulged in should be banned at all.

(Links via email from Dhoomketu, whose take on it is here.)
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