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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kissing, frogs and colonial relics

Large quantities of work and movement have kept me from blogging the last three days, and my email has also piled up: if each unread email could manifest itself as a thin envelope under my rugged but sensuous backside, I would be at least six feet above sea level. (I have painstakingly measured this.) I will, thus, blog with more frequency from tomorrow, and will narrate many wonderful adventures to you, such as my vicarious brush with "urban Delhi monkeys." Until then, a few links.

First up, Rediff informs us of a fine for kissing in public that amounts to Rs 500. Much to my dismay, it does not mention what the fine for kissing in private is, so I am uncertain of my plans for this evening. (Link via email from MadMan.)

However, I am pleased to inform you that if you are a frog, the Shiv Sena has a job for you. Read.

If, on the other hand, you happen to be a duck, you will be more valued in China. (And personally, I'm very impressed that you can read.) (Link via email from Ani.)

The Times of India informs us that the Bar Council of India has ruled that the phrases 'My Lord' and 'Your Lordship' will no longer be used in court because they are "relics of the colonial past." Instead, 'Your Honour' and 'Honourable Court' will be used, presumably because they are not relics.

Some friends of mine keep ribbing me about how well my blog is supposedly doing, and I take this opportunity to point them to a story about a Mumbai-based blogger who is scaling much higher heights. (Link via email from Nikhil.)

On a serious note, Shilpa Bhatnagar is rightly upset that some jerkacious blogger has been copying posts from her blog and many others. Plagiarism isn't unusual in the blogosphere, but because of tools like Copyscape, it is inevitably uncovered. No place to hide, and suchlike.
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