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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Religion interferes with the law again

IANS reports:
There was chaos at Maharashtra's Aurangabad airport on Wednesday morning with supporters of Godman Narendra Maharaj going on the rampage breaking windows and pelting stones, just a few hours after their colleagues created a similar fracas at the Mumbai airport.

The trouble at the two airports, which led to several people being injured, began late on Tuesday when followers of Maharaj ran amok at Mumbai, reacting to rumours that their guru was not allowed to carry a mace on a flight.
This is rather disconcerting, and not just because "[w]omen, children and members of the media were among those injured." I just hope the "Godman's" followers, who broke the law of the land and undoubtedly expected to be tolerated because they did it under the name of religion, got their just deserts, ideally some time in the lock-up. And the "Godman" too, with his mace, kept duly free from harm in a place where the sun, as it were, don't go. And "God" neither.
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