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Monday, December 05, 2005

Pictures of a godless world

A kind reader points me to the winners gallery of the 2005 World Press Photo Contest, and I urge you to check out some of the work on display there. Every good photograph contains stories and mysteries of its own, and speaks to us in a way that words can't. There are plenty of those here.

One that struck me in particular was Arko Datta's prizewinning picture in Cuddalore, after the tsunami, of a woman grieving for a relative whose arm enters the frame from the left side. It is a remarkable photograph, and it brought back memories (and even smells) of the time I spent travelling through Tamil Nadu after last year's tsunami. It was also around the time I stopped being an agnostic and became an atheist. Why? Well, I look at that picture, and I can imagine the woman asking a question that has no answer. That's why.

(I had posted on this subject here a year ago, by and by, and I also recommend you read this fine interview of Douglas Adams, in which he speaks lucidly about atheism.)
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