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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More hidden cam stuff

This time, it's Sanjay Joshi, an RSS pracharak on deputation to the BJP, who's been caught on camera romping around. Nuggets from the Telegraph report:
Pracharaks — and Joshi is one — cannot marry, let alone have sex outside matrimony. But they can always seek the Sangh’s permission and start a family, as L.K. Advani, for instance, has done, though they have to surrender the title of pracharak.

A collection of celibate men, the Sangh was left red-faced by the scandal. [...]

A Sangh source said “while the woman’s face remains blurred, the man can be easily recognised” in the “explicit” one-and-a-half-hour CD.

The CD was “scrutinised” by the Sangh and senior BJP leaders.
Scrutiny, I tell you!

Juicy though all this may be, I think the sexual life of an individual is no business of anyone else, as long as everything is consensual and there's no cheating or suchlike involved. By joining in the moralistic hypocrisy of these "celibate men," though, Joshi opened himself up to such scrutiny. I feel no sympathy for the man.
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