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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Software - more than just an industry

Richard Celeste and Geoffrey Garrett write:
Skeptics are wont to claim that India's successes in software are not "scalable," and cannot be the basis for countrywide development.

But software is not a mere "industry" in the traditional sense of steel or textiles, to focus on two of China's strong suits. An uber-industry, software is increasingly in everything.

Consider the automobile, the poster child of 20th-century manufacturing. Today's cars don't have much in common with the Model T. They are designed on computer screens, manufactured by robots, and drive using a dizzying array of intelligent features — all made possible by software.

If potential global demand for software is so great, can India supply it? India's pool of English-speaking and well-trained engineers is already much larger than that in the U.S. and it is growing all the time.
Read the full piece, in which Celeste and Garrett also rebut the notion that India's infrastructure problems are a major impediment to the progress of its software industry.

What do you think? Any counter-arguments, or supporting ones?

(Link via email from Gautam Ghosh.)

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