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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nice advice

Reader Shruthi Rao writes in:
I have a suggestion to make - In many of your posts, you say "nice post", "nice account", etc........ I learnt in school that "nice" is a "slip word". You slip it in when you don't have any other word to express yourself! :)

I don't think you are the kind who should be at a loss for words! I think it will be more elegant if you substitute a more appropriate word for "nice"!
Well, she's right, I have been lazy all those times I've used that word. For someone who criticises others for their cliches, I should be working a bit harder on my own language. Well, I stand chastised.

I won't promise not to use that word again, though. All said and done, it's a nice word.
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