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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Incentives for good behaviour

In response to my post on airports, reader Ila Bhatt writes in:
The next time i read an article/blog/column/whatever on improving pax. facilities at airports i am going to scream! I have spent a week travelling on a mix of old and new carriers in india and quite frankly, flying is now infinitely more dangerous and for once you cannot blame the govt.

The ineffective PYTs who pass off as attendants are no match for surly men who dismiss them outright. Every single flight i was on had people with cellphones switched on, got out of their seats while the flight was barely touching down, opened overhead bins before the plane halted and were at the exit before the aircraft could get parked! No amount of announcements from the PYTs restrained these guys! As a co-passenger I would try and tell people to sit down and even complained about a guy merrily checking his cellphone to no effect.

As pax we have a right to decent airports but we also have a duty to obey rules and regulations - sadly our national lack of civic sense is exposed to the very world we are trying to impress.
Okay, so here are two questions for my readers:

1. What incentives can the airlines offer passengers to behave themselves?

2. What incentive can we offer the airlines for offering those incentives?

Cross-posted on The Indian Economy Blog, where comments are open. No, those questions aren't rhetorical.
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