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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dr Malay Chaudhuri's education

K of Press Talk directs me to an outstanding post by thalassa_mikra that uncovers some juicy dope on Malay Chaudhuri, the founder of IIPM. The most interesting part is that while standing for elections, Dr Chaudhuri had declared his assets and his educational qualifications, and those records are available in the public domain. His assets don't even include a car, but I won't make insinuations based on that -- walking is healthy. It's his educational qualifications that interest me. The page that thalassa_mikra dug up summarises them thus:
Ram Krishna Mission Jamshedpur High Secondary 1953
Presidency College, Calcutta University BA (Hons) 1957
Berlin School of Economics M.Sc. 1962
Berlin School of Economics Ph.D. 1963
Berlin School of Economics D.Sc. 1970
With just a little digging, thalassa_mikra discovered that the Berlin School of Economics was founded in 1971.

Good work. There's also more dope on IIPM on Rashmi's site, here. Isn't it the mainstream media that should be doing this kind of investigative journalism? Do you still think blogs are just online diaries and nothing else?

For the full IIPM story, you could read my first post on the subject, "A question of principles," which I've been keeping up to date , as well as Desi Pundit's post here.

Update: Sumeet Kulkarni, who is currently in Germany, elaborates on the German education system here, throwing even more doubt on the claims of Dr Chaudhuri (or is it just Mr Chaudhuri?) that he got his degrees there. Intriguing stuff, though slightly irrelevant if the Berlin School of Economics didn't even exist before 1971.
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