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Monday, October 24, 2005

Ambi Mama beats Mani Mama

Anand Ramachandran reports:
A survey has revealed that ‘Ambi Mama' is the leading relative among Tamil Brahmin families worldwide, with six in ten families having one of their own (a 60% repsesentation. Apparently, Ambi Mama held off stiff competition from Mani Mama (with 55% representation) and Baby Chitti (39%) for a well-deserved win.


Mani Mamas all over the world watched in anguish as the final results were announced, plunging them into gloom. “It's no fun being a Mani Mama anymore”, said Mani Mama. “ Maybe if I change my name to ‘Ramesh Anna', I will have a brighter future”, he pondered pointlessly.
Read the rest of the piece here, marvellous stuff. It's doing the rounds as an email forward, and I got this source after a Google search -- hope it's the right one. It certainly is a very funny blog.

(Hat tip - Nandini Ramnath and Suresh Venkat.)
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