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Sunday, September 11, 2005

You mean, like Procol Harum?

"I'm sure Punekars would agree that the last 12 months have probably been the worst in terms of civic life in recent memory," writes J Ramanand. He takes a look at some of Pune's problems over the last year and concludes:
Frankly, Pune's just been exposed as a bit of an upstart, a one-hit wonder whose feted climate has been crippled by the pollution, whose roads have dissolved into gravel at the first downpour and never had any width to begin with to handle the explosion, and whose civic fathers are from one of those mawkish TV serials where all they can do is abandon their responsibilities.
Hmm. I went to college in Pune, and still enjoy my increasingly infrequent trips there, but I guess that's just because compared to Mumbai it's still a charming, chilled-out small town. Everything is relative.
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