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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Watch that manhole cover

If you live in Mumbai and there happens to be a manhole cover that is close to your heart, guard it zealously. The Times of India informs us that manhole covers are "[t]he most stolen object in Mumbai."

Apparently, 1500 of them are stolen every year, amounting to a loss of Rs 75 lakh (apprx. US$ 171,000) for the taxpayer. It seems a syndicate is behind these thefts. ToI elaborates:
Their modus operandi is the same. They always strike early in the morning before day-break. They arrive in a small lorry and are gone with the cover in less than five minutes.
Manhole covers are the softest targets possible, of course. With so much crime to control, why would an overworked and underpaid police force bother to try and stop manhole-cover thefts in the early hours of the morning? Meanwhile, our money continues to go down the manhole.
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