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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The sea, again

IANS reports that an expert on tsunamis has predicted that Gujarat and Mumbai might be hit by a tsunami later this year. The article doesn't have enough details on the basis for these predictions, but regardless of the scientific validity of such a forecast, it makes sense to be prepared.

Arun Bapat, the "seismologist consultant of the Gujarat state disaster management authority," has been quoted as saying that Gujarat and Maharashtra are "working along with the southern states to set up a tsunami warning system on the western coastline," which includes "us[ing] mobile phones to send 3,000 SMSs to 9,000 people in three seconds at night to alert them of the impending disaster" and "three to four-meter-high mangrove plantations to prevent damage in the event of a tsunami."

Poor fisherfolk who live by the sea are often the worst affected, and they wouldn't have mobile phones, but I assume that's just one of the many ways of warning people that is being planned. I'm certain the planning looks great on paper. Hopefully we'll never need to find out how good or bad the implementation is.
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